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This is a scientoon -  a cartoon on science and technology that helps you look at science with a dose of humour.

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One day, I got a call from a young girl Shruti who was from TATA Indicom (CDMA) office, Lucknow. She asked me that can I deliver a lecture on the eve of World Environment Day i.e. June 4, 2010 to staff of her office. I became very happy to know that companies like Tata Indicom are also concerned with Global Warming and they want to make their employees aware about the various facts and what can be done to save our planet earth. I immediately said yes and on June 4, 2010 I reached to Tata Indicom office in the evening. It was my first visit to any Tata telecom organization. I was a bit excited also to meet the persons working there and being a scientist, I was thinking that how best I can make my lecture very simple, yet effective and though provoking so that every one can understand this vital and very crucial issue which is affecting each one of us on this earth. I was very warmly received by senior members of the Tata Indicom office at Meerabai Marg in Lucknow.

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The sangam city Allahabad is always a magnet for the millions of Hindus who visit sangam. I got a call from Dr Neeraj, a very soft spoken and humble person (he should have been a resident of Lucknow, which is called the city of tehzeeb and soft language). Dr Neeraj said that NASI is organizing  a 15 days training program for the children from UP, Bihar and MP and he wanted me to be the chief guest of the valedictory function and also to deliver a lecture on “Climate Change and Global Warming: What are  the challenges ahead”. It was June 13, 2010 and the day being Sunday so I immediately said yes.

I took a taxi and started for Allahabad, on my way I stayed in Rae Bareli, my home town where I grew, studied and spent a major part of my life. Secondly, though it is a small city but it gave me name, fame, recognition and what I am today. I met my mother after a long time and all other my family members who are staying there. Rae Bareli being a small city looks more calm, peaceful and a place free from all problems which a metro city has. I can go to any place in a rickshaw.

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One day, I was contacted by two young boys who are pursuing their MBBS and local King Georges Medical University, Lucknow. I thought they may be interested to have some work at my Institute but I was wrong. They said that they wanted to meet me regarding what can be done to fight against global warming. I was a bit surprised and felt really very happy that our younger generation is thinking in this direction. They said they are already teaching the slum children in their free time and also have registered an NGO called SKY Foundation. These two 'would be' medical doctors are Jai Prakash and Bhupendra. They also belong to average families and probably had seen the hardships of life which motivated them to do something for the society. I invited them to my house so that I can discuss with them what they want and would also show them my green campus which full of trees, wild life and arrangements made for water conservation. I had a long discussion with them and was fully convinced that they are sincerely wishing to do something.

They told me that they have met a group of young students from Telibagh, Lucknow, who are planting trees near their locality by savings from their pocket money. These boys are not from any rich family but very ordinary ones and getting money for buying plants was a tough job for them. We also decided that Global warming is very serious challenge world is facing today which needs strategies at the combat level so we coined a new word “Green Combat” and decided to copyright that. Second thing it was thought that can we approach any news paper which can be our media partner so that in future it would be easier for us to get sponsors. The first paper which came to our mind was i-next as it is very popular among the youths as well as among the all class of society. Jaiprakash took an appointment with the Associate Editor of i-next, Lucknow, Ms. Sharmistha Sharma. They also requested me to accompany them which I did. After the  discussion for few minutes with her, she agreed to make i-next as a media partner of Green Combat program of Sky foundation but she also wanted a complete work plan, which we assured her to provide.

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