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Upcoming Lecture Using Scientoons

CSIR has started a unique program called CSIR Program on Youth for Leadership in Science (CPYLS). The aim of this program is to invite the top scorer of UP Board, ISC, and CBSE and expose them to scientists, research labs for 2-3 days. This helps them to understand and enjoy science and also that they opt science as a career in their future. When Dr J.K.Johri, Dy. Director, NBRI and coordinator of this program asked me to deliver a lecture and motivate these young talented minds, then I said yes, immediately.

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It was around 3PM in my office when I got a call from Dr Rajiv Dutta from Shobhit University, Meerut inviting to visit Shobhit University on DNA Day and deliver a lecture on “DNA TECHGNOLOGY AND HUMAN GENOME”. It was a biggest pleasant surprise for me due to three reasons. First, I had heard a lot about this new but prestigious University, secondly to meet my very old friend Dr. Anupam Dixit, who is head of the Basmati Export Development Foundation, Meerut and thirdly a very affectionate couple Kamran Zuberi and his wife Dr Huma Zuberi. When my wife knew about this visit so she also planned to visit Meerut with me and so were the case of my sons Shivank and Shaurya.

Earth  needs GREEN COMMANDOS: Much Much more beyond Z+ security

Today is the World Earth Day. We are providing Z+ secuirty cover to Neta and VIPs but I feel it is Planet Earth which really needs Z++++++++++++++   security cover. Small fury of nature has caused thousands of flights in Europe cancelled resulting into the financial loss of millions of dollars. These are the warning signals for us. It’s time to act. If everyone plants and nurture only one shady tree then we can change the world.

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And  now plantoons!
Gitika Saxena, UNI



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