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I travel around the country and around the world, courtesy delivering lectures using my scientoons and Scientoonics. In this voyage of my life I have met many unique, extraordinary but very simple and down to earth personalities. One of such person is Prof. Syed Akheel Ahmed, Hon. Vice chancellor of Yenepoya University, Mangalore. Prof. Ahmad was the chief guest in the National Conference of Recent Trends in Chemical Research (NCRTCR) 2010 which was held in NITK at Surathkal, Mangalore, Karnataka, India.



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It was more than 3 months ago that I got an invitation by Dr. B.R. Bhat to visit and deliver a lecture in the National Conference on Recent Trends in Chemical Research (NCRTCR 2010) to be held at the NITK, Mangalore. It was only 11 AM but I was very anxiously waiting for the taxi to go to airport in Lucknow. I did not want to miss the flight as last time while going to Trichy I missed my flight to Chennai by 5 minutes and then onward flight to Trichy causing a loss of approx. Rs. 8000/= which was a very big amount for me. I was to reach airport by 12 Noon to catch a Kingfisher flight to Mumbai on my way to Mangalore. Luckily flight was on time and I reached Mumbai as per the scheduled time. My next flight was also Kingfisher one to Mangalore which I comfortably boarded on time to reach Mangalore. I was received by the students of NITK and we waited for Prof. S. Ram Prabhu from IIT Madras and his wife who were coming by another flight from Bangalore.


It was a great honour for me when I got invitation by Dr Neeraj, from National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad to deliver a lecture on National Science Day 2010 at NASI.

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