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One day, I got a call from a young girl Shruti who was from TATA Indicom (CDMA) office, Lucknow. She asked me that can I deliver a lecture on the eve of World Environment Day i.e. June 4, 2010 to staff of her office. I became very happy to know that companies like Tata Indicom are also concerned with Global Warming and they want to make their employees aware about the various facts and what can be done to save our planet earth. I immediately said yes and on June 4, 2010 I reached to Tata Indicom office in the evening. It was my first visit to any Tata telecom organization. I was a bit excited also to meet the persons working there and being a scientist, I was thinking that how best I can make my lecture very simple, yet effective and though provoking so that every one can understand this vital and very crucial issue which is affecting each one of us on this earth. I was very warmly received by senior members of the Tata Indicom office at Meerabai Marg in Lucknow.

I noticed that a number of very beautiful bonsai plants are displayed on 6th floor of the office, giving a very aesthetic look and providing big relief to eyes. I was accompanied by Jai Prakash who is doing his MBBS from the local King George Medical College, Lucknow. Jai Prakash is also working for a NGO Sky Foundation which is working for green planet, better education to poor children and for ecofriendly life styles. After a brief introduction of mine, given by Mr. Sanjay Shrotria, Circle Head (UP East) of Marcom Department, I delivered a talk first by explaining very briefly about how I evolved a concept called scientoon and how it can be used for science communication. My topic was “Climate Change and Global Warming: Challenges ahead”. I spoke on from desert formation to deforestation to vehicular pollution in the cities. I also focused on how encroachment is responsible for many environmental hazards including the accidents on the road. My main focus was that we can not stop new cars, motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles coming on the road which will contribute to global warming by causing vehicular pollution. So ultimately what best could be done. I suggested that the major work we need today is to plant trees as these are the best anti global warming machine produced by the nature to:

1. Provide us shade during chilling sunshine.

2. Trees provide us oxygen without which we cannot survive on this earth.

3. Trees give us wood, paper, fruits, shelter to birds and other animals.

4. Trees can lower the temperature by 4-5%

5. Tress help in ground water recharge, that means where tress are there due to porosity created by the roots, 30% more water recharge in the ground takes place.

6. A tree if lives for 50 years gives, us everything starting from oxygen etc. to wood amounting to more than Rs. 3.2 million.

7. Trees like Peepal (maximum oxygen giving tree on the earth and one of the five trees planted in Panchvati, where Lord Ram, his brother Lakshman and Sita lived for 14 years) ). Air purifier Neem, Pakar, Ashok, Bargad, Bel, Aonla should be planted more in parks, colonies and public places.

Then other small steps like sharing the cars, using mass transport, carefully using polythene can also make a change.



A number of competitions like, slogan competition, treasure hunt competition, new ideas competition were also organized among the staff members just to see how aware they about environmental issues and general awareness. But a very unique competition was that everyone was wearing green coloured dress and I was to judge whose dress is more green and suiting to the theme of the function. The judgments were made by me on the spot and it was very nice to see the huge number of people had participated in these competitions and the winners were awarded the same day. The ideas given by the people were very novel and impressive. One idea which I still remember is, when we use air conditioner water which is precipitated can be collected (normally one bucket in one night) and can be used for watering trees or washing car or even for washing clothes. The best part of the program was the gift of 50 trees by Tata Indicom to Sky Foundation for plantation on World Environment Day i.e. on June 5, 2010. Mr. Sanjay Shrotria handed over plants to Dr. Jai Prakash, Vice President, Sky Foundation, India. Finally Mr. Sanjay Shrotria gave his comments about the program and thanked his colleagues for such a warm and very active participation. He also assured that Tata Indicom is committed for a clean and green planet starting the mission from Clean and green Lucknow. Finally the vote of thanks was proposed by Shruti.


Next day, i.e. June 5, 2010 was the World Environment day. The students and volunteers of Sky Foundation decided to plant the trees (gifted by Tata Indicom) in Jankipuram Extension, Sector 4, Lucknow. Luckily on the same day I was invited as an expert by All India Radio on their FM channel. It was a one hour phone in program but special thing that we could talk to boys, live, who were busy doing plantation that time. In the evening I sent a report to UNEP Hq. about this small but a committed effort of Tata Indicom to celebrate World Environment Day. UNEP immediately send t certificate of appreciation. I-next is the media opartner of Sky Foundation, and it was very nice to see a young correspondent Sunil Yadav from I-next who made it to be there to cover the program.




(Trees were provided by Tata Indicom)

At the end,  I felt extremely grateful to almighty God for giving me this opportunity to meet many young, bright and talented staff of Tata Indicom who in their own way felt concerned with the problem and helped in making our city green by gifting trees for plantation.


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