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Pradeep K. Srivastava, the creator of scientoons has lent his support to the Research Cooperative in a brief posting at Science for Humanity.

The website tells us that:

"Scientoons are the cartoons, based on science. They not only make you smile and laugh but also provide information about new researches, subjects and concepts in a simple, understandable and interesting way."

I recommend members of this group to visit the Scientoon website and see! They did make me smile, though I do wish that minor changes could made in the English texts, here and there.

I visited and browsed the gallery.
One of the scientoons that especially caught my attention was this one:
Synthetic Cell

This led me to search for news articles on the subject of Synthetic Biology.
Here is one of those articles (from the BBC, dated May 20, 2010):
Artificial Life Breakthrough - BBC

So, then, I thought I'd see if there are videos on this subject on YouTube.
Yes, there are many YouTube videos on this the subject of Synthetic Biology.
For example, here is one: "Introduction to Synthetic Biology" (57:13) - Andrew Hessel
(video uploaded November 7, 2009).
Introduction to Synthetic Biology (video)


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