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Technical Education must develop a cadre of academic leaders who can engage the institution and its faculty in change and transformation processes. One way to develop this potential is to create institutional leadership development opportunities in which academic fraternity can develop multi-dimensional perspectives, competence to meet the challenges of a constantly changing environment, the ability to think strategically and act collaboratively.

In this direction, Shruth & Smith Foundation, in association with VTU, offers professional development opportunities that are highly relevant and effective for the academicians of VTU including members of the faculty, department heads, deans, directors and administrators who bond with academic issues. The proposed program integrates theoretical and applied knowledge about leadership into the curriculum. Resource persons’ intensive experience, demonstrated exceptional ability and academic promise would help the participants to develop the leadership and managerial skills. The program is specifically designed to address the challenges of academic progress at institutions & universities and more so, to help faculty members prepare to meet their challenges.

With this in mind, Shruth & Smith Foundation and Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) organized a two-day workshop under on March 3-4, 2012 under the banner “Academic Leadership Program”, which is intended to train selected group of 250 faculties of engineering colleges under VTU – Bangalore Region. Tracks for this workshop are Innovation & Creativity in Technical Education, Professional & Academic Development and Positioning as a Leader & Role Model.

The track assigned to me was “Academic Leadership and Innovation and Creativity in Technical Education”

focused my talk first day on how scientoons were evolved, the genesis and history behind and also how I got them recognized at the not only national but at the International level. The first topic I chose to deliver the lecture was “Climate Change and Global Warming” participants enjoyed the information on how global warming is and will affect our life in the future. There were very few questions and after the lunch I gave a live demonstration of how scientoons are created, spp. the cartoon part. My focus was also on:

1. Communication skills and how to improve

2. What is leadership and how one can be a leader

3. How scientoons can find a place in engineering education

Response at the end of the first day was very good and second day I chose a topic which is very close to engineering that was “Nanotechnology”. After the lunch many questions were asked especially why and how I thought of scientoons. By the second day I had many fans I can say as they start taking my autograph. I can never forget the comment on faculty member who said “You are magnetic”. Probably such comments make me going and are the secret of my energy.

I also had the honour of listening to some great personalities in this program like Dr Atre, ex. advisor to Defense minister of India. He was full with energy and is blessed with a powerful voice. He shared that best innovation is created by very ordinary engineers and they need not be from IIT only. He shared that in the year 1986 they were to design a ship and there was no internet or Google that time. He called all the technicians and got the work done in an amazing manner. Another interesting and an excellent orator was the Dr Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, Program Director. Dr Karajagi can hold audience for hours as he knows the art of communication and taking audience with him. He also asked us to do some exercises which were very interesting as far as learning is concerned.

Last day was the valedictory celebrations where participants also shared their experiences and I was very happy to listen to the feedback. I felt grateful to my old young friend Dr Santosh who gave me this opportunity and also Sri Karan, a man from Shruth and Smith Foundation behind but totally committed to something. Sri Ramanujam was a very dynamic person from the organizer side who made all logistic arrangements for me and very kind to call me 3.30 in the morning so that I don’t miss my flight.

In short, it was a great and most memorable experience for me to attend this program.



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