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I was deeply touched by seeing the website launched by Aircel and our cricket star M.S. Dhoni speaking out to save tiger, national animal of our country that only 1411 Tigre are left in India,. During January 1st 2009 to August 2009, 66 tigers have been killed. The maximum number of tigers killed was 7 in Maharashtra. Questions come why do we need to save tigers or any animal? First answer is, these animals arrived on this planet millions of years before us and they are still living. By studying their genetic information we can learn many things.

But to say it very simply, I remember a very nice television advertisement few years ago in India about this, which was very thought provoking. A person who lives in a metropolitan city and in which there is no river or ocean nearby, has bought a boat to go to his office. People are confused that why did he do like this? Then he tells “Look! when people are killing tigers, so after some time no tigers will be left in the world. Then any person will enter in the forests fearlessly and will cut the forests. This deforestation will lead to global warming causing glaciers to melt and then consequently sea level will go up. Then one day water will enter even in the cities, so nobody would be able to go to office by car but only by boats.” I think this advertisement was very impressive, simple yet brain storming. This clearly showed why every animal in this ecological system is very precious for us.

I was very much concerned with saving tiger especially after the story came that no tigers left in Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan. It was a big and sensational disclosure, thanks to our print and electronic media which highlighted the entire story very forcefully, convincing the Prime Minister of India to constitute a committee headed by Ms Sunita Nayran, Head, CSE, to look into the matter very seriously.

On of the great scientist and father of DNA finger printing in India, Dr. Lalji Singh, former Director of CCMB (CSIR), Hyderabad, In India has set up a highly specialized lab. called LaCONES (Laboratory for Conservation of Endangered Species) in Hyderabad for the conservation of various special of animals in the country.

I got extremely upset and frustrated by this news of “Sariska has no tigers left”, so I made a scientoon that very silently says s everything. I am ready to give this scientoon to anyone including Aircel for Save the Tiger campaign.





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