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I was attending "South African Science communication conference" which was being held in the Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I was in South Africa for the first t...ime so I was enjoying every second of my stay. Around 700 people from all over the world were participating. There was a Beach party in the evening near the sea shore. They played bhangra number, also chutney music and many people danced on that. I was wearing a Kurta so I was looking a typical Indian. There were few South African drummers, the moment saw me said "Great! So you are man from India, Come on and play these drums". They might have thought that every Indian is born Bismillah Khan or Amzad Ali Khan. I had never seen such huge drums in my life what to say of playing them.But drummers insisted that I should play the drums. What to do? I thought let me try and maximum will happen that I may not play those drums. I remembered and sought blessings of all 330 millions Gods of India and thought to join those drummers. Two persons put that heavy drum around my neck and I tried my best to play. I did well. Then I also had a chance to dance with the Arabian belly dancers. Party went up to very late in the night and every body was just relaxed and was living those moments. 
Next day they started announcing the beach party awards. Many people won as best dressed person, best dressed couple and so on. One of my Indian friend also got the best dancer award. I was very upset as I did not get anything (Remember "Three Idiot" film that it hurts you the most when your own friend gets an award..) Finally they announced :"The Best Over all Beach Party Award" goes to ...............any guesses?????????? Some people cried for my name but by this time I had lost all the hopes but I am a positive person in my life, so still I had not given up. But I prepared more that If I don't win. But to my utmost surprise they announced my name and I ran to get the special award which was a real African drum. I proved that never give up in life, try and try and you may be a winner one day. I also proved that Indians are the best in the world and so is India.
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