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Cool Vest of DRDO and Scientoons

DRDO (Defense Research Development Organization), Jodhpur Rajasthan has designed a unique jacket. Normally Jacket means something you wear in the winters to keep you warm, but this jacket is different as it will keep you cool for 4-5 hours if you are in very hot climate facing temperature up to 45-46 Celsius. This cool jacket has got frozen coolants which can be used several times. It is a boon for the BSF jawans taking patrol spp. in the desert areas of Rajasthan bordering Pakistan. I met DRDO scientists in MITS, Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan.

I was in Mody institute of Technology and Science to give a lecture in the annual fest of MITS  Cardinazo 2012. I could know about cool vest due to my scientoons only. Thanks are also due to Miss. Kirti Agarwal (B.Tech, 4th Year) who invited me for the lecture.

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