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On October 19, 2013 Times of India, a news paper in Lucknow India, selected 30 people from different walks of life whose contribution has made the city Lucknow proud. It was a great honour foe me that I also happen to be one among them.

List of people are:

1. Dr Nityanand, Scientist and former director CDRI, Lucknow

2. Dr Sunil Pradhan, Neurologist, SGPGIMS, Lucknow

3. Pt. Birjoo Maharaj, Dancer

4. Mujaffar Ali, Films

5. Javed Akhtar, Films

6. Suresh Raina, Cricketer

7. R.P.Singh, Cricketer

8. Dhruv Sen Singh, Lucknow Univeristy

9. Srilal Shukla, Writer

10. Vineet Singh, Singer

11. Vinod Mehta, Journalist

12. Mohd Kaif, Cricket

13. Pankaj Bhadauria, Shef

14. Captain Manoj Pandey, Indian Army

15. Malini Awasthi, Folk singer

16. Nadira Babbar, Theatre

17. K P Saxena, Writer

18. Manjar Chaturvedi, dancer

19. Syed Ali, Hockey player

20. Rajpal Yadav

21. Shankar Dayal Sharma, former, President of India

22.Arunima Sinha, Mountaineer

23. A R Bhattacharya, Lucknow University

24. Sandeep Pander, Social activist

25. Amitabh Bhattacharya, Films

26. Anaika Soti, Films

27.Ritika Rai, films

28.Shahnaz Husain, Fshion designer

29. Neelesh Misra, Films

30. Pradeep Srivastava, Scientoonist and scientist, CDRI


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