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It was a great honour for me when I got invitation by Dr Neeraj, from National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad to deliver a lecture on National Science Day 2010 at NASI.

Allahabad was once the capital of Uttar Pradesh and still I regard it as an intellectual capital of India which has given several scientists and politicians to this country. This was a not a lecture trip for me but a pilgrimage also as Allahabad has got Sangam. I started my journey from Lucknow and had a brief halt at my home town Rae Bareli to meet my family members and my old college time friend another Dr Neeraj who teaches in Feroze Gandhi PG College at Rae Bareli.

I reached Allahabad at around 8 PM and my stay was arranged in a small but very neat, clean and beautiful hotel called Yatrik. This small hotel is really very beautiful and every where, in every corner to lush green lawns aesthetic sense is seen. I thought to have a cup of tea and then call Dr Neeraj to say that I have arrived comfortably. In the mean time Dr Neeraj himself called me and told that He would meet me after having a Darshan of Lete Hanuman Ji near Sangam. I was already planning to have darshan of Hanuman Ji and was enquiring from the hotel staff who told me that one temple is on walking distance from the hotel. Dr Neeraj was very kind enough to say me that he can take me to Bade Hanuman ji darshan. I also had the honour of meeting his wife and a very sweet little daughter. We all went to temple and I was surprised to know from Dr Neeraj that once in a year Ganga ji comes once and give bath to Hanuman Ji. Gangaji was far away from that place and it was looking impossible for me to get convinced about this fact. It is unbelievable but that’s the country called India where several such miracles happen and as a scientist I have no answer to that.

Next morning I was in impressive NASI building to meet some of the very important personalities of Allahabad who are famous all over the country like Prof. S.L. Srivastava, Prof. Krishna Mishra, Prof. U.C. Srivastava and lots of children who had won awards in various competitions organized on the occasion of National Science Day at Allahabad. Prof. Krishna Mishra a renowned chemist welcomed the audience. Prof. S.L. Srivastava delivered a brief lecture on the life of Sir C.V. Raman and also told that why do we celebrate National Science Day on February 28 as this is the day Raman Effect was discovered. I delivered my talk on “DNA Technology and human Genome: Will it change our Life”. As usual I showed only scientoons in my talk and also thanked Dr. Lalji Singh, the father of DNA Fingerprinting in India for giving me the opportunity to work with me. All the children, who were winners of the various competitions, were also awarded. Finally vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Neeraj. I also had the pleasant surprise to meet Dr. Bechan Sharma who is a product of CDRI and now is in Allahabad University, Allahabad.

After the lecture, I also had a quick view of Company Bagh with Shukal ji and finally I left for Lucknow thinking that once this great city was the hub of all great happenings in the country, a city which gave many academicians, intellectuals, politicians and beurocrats to the nation including the first Prime Minister of India, is today looking somewhat lonely. I wish I get many more such opportunities to come and get the blessings of this great city, to get blessings of Lete Hanuman Ji and meet again many affectionate people to whom I met for the first time but they were full of love and affection for me.


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