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Upcoming Lecture Using Scientoons



I conducted a National Workshop on Scientoons with a theme "CLEAN GOA: GREEN GOA" in most prestigious Parvatibai Chowgule College, Goa. The workshop came out to be a great success seeing the involvement, dedication, sincerity and outcome of the participants. More than 50 persons from Goa, Karnataka, Tamilnadu starting from class VII student to Dr Gajanan Parulekar (with his whole family), a teaching faculty participated. They highlighted the problem Goa is facing and also gave best possible ideas to solve the problem. I delivered a lecture on origin, history and international recognition of scientoons and scientoonics making India world leader in this science. I demonstrated that how cartoons are created and then how we make scientoons. Finally all the scientoons were drawn on post cards and thus we created POST SCIENTOONS.

I am extremely grateful to Dr Kanchana, Convener of the workshop, Ms. Madhavi Motankar, Co-Convener and all the members of the organizing committee for their whole heartedly involvement. Thanks are also to the Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Government of Goa, for sponsoring the National Workshop on Scientoons. Such workshops can create scientoons which can show authorities the problems Goa is facing and also what could be the best solution.







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