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As far I remember, drawing was a God gifted hobby to me. When I was a small kid, I used to draw anything in seconds.I remember one incident of class V, when I was studying  in Govt. Model school in Rae Bareli, my home town, I made the drawing of Maharana Pratap in Hindi exams. My teacher got very angry as he thought I must have spent a big time in drawing the sketch rather than attempting to answer the question. On asking the same I said that I have made that in 30 seconds. Teacher did not believe, so he said "I give you 10 minutes to make that drawing again , otherwise you will be severely beaten". I finished the same in 28 seconds , after that he got quite surprised and smiled.

I continued my drawing till B.Sc. as I was having biology as one of the subjects, but after joining M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)I stopped drawing and almost I was totally out of touch. It was only in I984, I made first cartoon of my life, which was published in a local daily "The Pioneer". The subject was a political issue. After that I developed interest and suddenly my old hobby was once again flourishing. My cartoons got published in other local dailies like Dainik Jagran, Sandhya Times, Anand Bazar Patrika and magazines like Lotpot, Grihshobha, Kadambini, Sun and many more. I recall my first cartoons on science were published in Science Reporter a popular science monthly magazine published by CSIR from New Delhi. Science Reporter published my science cartoons for several years and this gave me name, fame and honour. Actually it was due to this encouragement only, that later on the idea of scientoon was evolved. I meet people who still remember many of my science cartoons published in Science Reporter years back which I can never forget. There was plenty of humour around me and I fully utilized that to convert into cartoons.

In 1988 while delivering a lecture entitled "Development of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry in Developing Countries" in an Asian conference held at National University of Singapore, Singapore.I used few science cartoons in order to make my lecture more informative, interesting and impactful. I coined a new name for such cartoons - SCIENTOONS. The lecture was well received and enabled me win a SILVER MEDAL for the best lecture.

Scientoonics is new branch of Science that deals with effective science communication by using a novel class of science cartoons called Scientoons.Scientoons are the cartoons, based on science. They not only make you smile and laugh but also provide information about new researches, subjects and concepts in a simple, understandable and interesting way...

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